Celebrating Queer-identified and aligned folks in Grand Haven, Michigan

Since 2023

GH Pride fosters justice and inclusivity by providing visible and engaging opportunities, events, and education to establish an affirming community for all.

Why Grand Haven needs a Pride Festival

What's your reason?

    Because it’s not a phase

    Diversity is important in our community

    Prides are empowering

    Prides contribute to changing hearts and minds

    Let’s celebrate how far we’ve come!

    I want my kids to feel safe

    I want to feel represented in my community

Our Next Event

Grand Haven Pride is working to build community through Pride-related events throughout the year. We hope we'll see you there!

Human Flag

Join us at the 2nd Annual GH Pride Festival

Mark Your Calendars!

Saturday June 8, 2024

After an overwhelming innaugural year, we hope you'll join us for 2024! Details are still being worked out by the Pride Committee - check back in the next few months for more info and to sign up!

Festival Details
  • Olympus Digital Camera


    Show public support from $250 - $10,000

  • Shyra and Jenn - Volunteer Coordinators


    Be one of our more than 100 volunteers on the day of

  • Olympus Digital Camera
    Food Vendor

    Food Vendor

    Feed the festival goers! We estimate about 5,000 came through for 2023
  • Pride Market Vendor
    Pride Market Vendor

    Pride Market Vendor

    Sells your wares and promote your services to like-minded folks

2024 Committee

Meet the Team

The GH Pride 2024 Committee gets together regularly to brainstorm, plan, and act on ways to make our area of Ottawa County more inclusive and welcoming.

More about Grand Haven Pride
  • Shyle Lyons

    Vendor Market Lead

    Shyle Lyons Grand Haven Pride
  • Judith Sterne


    Cropped Cropped Ghpride Icon.png
  • Shawn Duncan

    Kids Activities Lead

    Shawn Duncan Gh Pride 2024
  • Karen Forbes

    Food Vendor Lead

    Gh Pride Committee 2024 Karen Forbes
  • Jacob Hill

    MSLG (Make Sh*t Look Good), Entertainment Co-Lead

    Gh Pride 2024 Jacob Hill
  • Jessica Cole Robinson

    Event Coordinator Lead

    Jessica Robinson
  • Jenn Errol

    Volunteer Coordinator Co-Lead

    Jenn Errol Rt And Life Coach Square
  • Shyra Williams

    Volunteer Coordinator Co-Lead

    Gh Pride Committee 2024 Shyra Williams
  • Addy Knoth-Miller

    Marketing Co-Lead

    Gh Pride 2024 Committee Member Addy Knoth Miller
  • Kara Schoonveld

    Marketing Co-Lead

    Kara Schoonveld

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A 2023 GH Pride attendee writing "Hello, you are amazing" with sidewalk chalk.