About Grand Haven Pride

Grand Haven Pride came together in 2023 and is made up entirely of volunteers from the local community and surrounding areas.

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GH Pride Volunteer Leads

We’re still looking to fill various primary and supportive volunteer roles. If you’d be interesting in helping out in any capacity, please fill out our Volunteer Form.

  • Co-chair
    Jessica Cole Robinson

    Jessica (she/her) is a local social worker, educator, and minister who is passionate about diversity, equity, and inclusion, and the powerful and beneficial impacts made on communities when embraced. She is excited to celebrate our local diversity and help create a space where all are welcome. Jessica can be reached at [email protected].

Jessica Robinson
  • Co-chair
    Hazel Holloway

    Hazel (They/She) is a local HR manager and artist. They enjoy spending time outdoors hiking, camping, and connecting with nature. They love connecting over art or the outdoors and getting to know people’s life stories, and can’t wait to connect more with their community. Hazel can be reached at [email protected].

Hazel Sq
  • Inclusive Market Lead
    Chelsea Folk

    Chelsea is a local ceramic artist with a passion for practicing sustainability at the community level. Chelsea believes that we all belong here and is excited to help make sure Grand Haven Pride is a celebration where all feel welcome and honored. You can reach Chelsea with any questions at [email protected]Stay tuned for the link to sign up for space in the Inclusive Market.

  • Food Vendor Lead
    Karen Forbes

    Karen owns  Burzurk Brewing Company on the east side of Grand Haven. She believes that all humans deserve to be their unique authentic self. Burzurk provides a welcoming and safe environment for all humans to thrive. You can reach Karen with any questions at [email protected]Stay tuned for the link to sign up to be one of our Food Vendors!

  • Assisting with Marketing & Entertainment
    Hailey Barton

    Hailey (she/her) is a local educator and advocate. She is passionate about creating fun, safe spaces for kids and teens to be celebrated as their full, authentic selves. You can reach Hailey with any questions or ideas at [email protected].

  • Website & Assisting with Marketing
    Kara Schoonveld

    Kara (they/she) is a local, queer community member excited for Grand Haven to demonstrate a commitment to safety and inclusion for *all* of its community members. They own SiteWorks Collaborative, a web design agency focusing on creating intuitive, accessible websites that help you meet and exceed your business goals. Reach out to [email protected] with questions or improvements to this website!

  • Sponsorship Lead & Pride Worship Lead
    Fr. Jared Cramer

    Father Jared (he/him) is the rector of St. John’s Episcopal Church in Grand Haven, the first Christian church in Grand Haven to take a public stance for affirming all LGBTQIA+ people over a decade ago. If you or your church would be interested in working with him on the Pride Community Worship service Saturday morning prior to the official start of the Pride Festival you can contact him at [email protected]

  • Volunteer Coordinator
    Jenn Errol
Jenn Errol Rt And Life Coach Square