RFP: Website Maintenence

Request for Proposals

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Send proposals to [email protected] by Monday, March 25, 2023. Our goal is to make a  final decision by Thursday, March 28 so that work can begin on Monday, April 1!

Content Management Request for Proposals 

The mission of Grand Haven Pride is fostering justice & inclusivity by providing visible and engaging  opportunities, events, and education, establishing an affirming space for all. Our vision as an  organization is a world where LGBTQIA+ people live freely in our vibrant and thriving community,  where everyone belongs and can show up authentically, safely, and validated. 

We are seeking requests for proposals for the management and update of our website: ghpride.org 

Any proposal submitted should address the following areas and include pricing inclusive of hosting,  security, premium licenses, and any labor associated with the upkeep of the website and newsletter as  described below. 


Website Management 

This person/agency would be in charge of:  

  • Website hosting
  • Website security (backups, WAF, malware scan/removal, etc)
  • Software updates (and any debugging required as a result)
  • Maintaining licenses for all pro/premium plugins
  • Regular content updates as requested by Grand Haven Pride team members (or the board,  once Grand Haven Pride becomes a standalone nonprofit entity) 


The following is a description of the site as it currently exists 

The current tech stack is the following:  

*Indicates premium software requiring a license 

  • Content Management System: WordPress
  • Theme: Bricks Builder*
  • Plugins:
    • Automatic CSS*
    • Breeze
    • BricksExtras*
    • Fluent Forms Pro*
    • Fluent CRM Pro*
    • Fluent Snippets
    • Fluent SMTP
    • Frames (for ACSS)*
    • Meta Box AIO*
    • Perfmatters*
    • Slim SEO
    • Slim Link Manager*
    • Slim SEO Schema*
    • Spotlight Social Media Premium*
    • SureCart
    • Uncanny Automator Pro* 

You should be familiar with Bricks Builder, ACSS, and Frames as well as managing CPTs, custom fields,  and relationships (Meta Box), and setting up automations with Google Drive (Uncanny Automator). The Newsletter has multiple lists and is built and sent with Fluent CRM Pro (via Fluent SMTP). 

This site is built with accessibility best practices whenever possible with the goal of aligning with WCAG  2.0 guidelines. An accessibility statement currently exists and should be updated as needed. 

Hosting information:  

This section is informational – you are at discretion regarding hosting and transactional email service 

Current hosting is with Cloudways, Vultr HF server. Transactional email is sent through the ElasticEmail  integration via Cloudways. DNS is maintained at Cloudflare. All traffic is routed through Cloudflare. 


Website Content Management 

New community events should be posted as details are made available. Generally, events occur 1-2x  per month, though that might change over time.  

Sponsors, food vendors, and market vendors should be added to the site as they commit. This is a  rolling task but could be batched 1x/week (possibly 2x/week as the festival nears). 

As the festival nears, additional updates will be needed such as the schedule, festival map, FAQs, etc. 

Following the festival, a recap page should be created, see https://ghpride.org/2023-highlights/ as an  example. The rest of the site should be updated to prepare for next year’s festival and refocus on the  ongoing Community Events. 


Monthly Newsletter 

Collect information from Grand Haven Pride team members (or the board, once Grand Haven Pride  becomes a standalone nonprofit entity) for a monthly newsletter to be sent the third Wednesday of each month which includes information about current programming, the upcoming festival (or a report  out from the last one) and any fundraising needs or realties.  

Currently there are two lists: General and Volunteers.  

A current SOP for the newsletter can be viewed here:  


The newsletter and lists are currently maintained and sent via FluentCRM Pro, however you could  propose alternate service provided any lists and integrations/automations remained in tact. — 

Terms of Work & Ideal Proposals 

Management of the site will be paid as billed on a monthly basis with the option to discontinue services  with a 30-day notice by either party.  

Ideal proposals will include an estimate of hours for both areas of the project. Preference is given to  vendors who are part of the local LGBTQIA+ community.  


Send proposals to [email protected] by Monday, March 25, 2023. Our goal is to make a  final decision by Thursday, March 28 so that work can begin on Monday, April 1!